Payroll and Business Services Overview

What types of reports will be included with each payroll package?

A standard report set will be enclosed with each payroll package. These reports include the following

  • Payroll Timesheet
  • Payroll Journal
  • Payroll Tax Summary
  • Departmental Summary
  • Deduction Report
  • Terminated Employee Listing (as required)
  • New Hire Report (as required)

INTEGRA also offers a wide variety of optional reports for those who require additional tracking and management of payroll information and related business services. Optional reports are available and include a 401(k) Report, General Ledger, Year-To-Date (YTD) Master and many more.

How and when will my payroll be delivered?

INTEGRA offers a variety of delivery methods for receiving your payroll package.

Your payroll can be sent to you via:

  • U.S. mail
  • a local courier service
  • a national carrier such as UPS or FedEx

If need be, your payroll package can be sent for overnight or 2-day delivery. Different charges apply depending on which delivery method you choose. For those clients located close to our office, you can pick up your payroll free of charge.

Can I receive my reports electronically or view them online?

Yes. In addition to paper reports received with each payroll package, we offer a delivery method called PrimeXports. Through PrimeXports you will receive selected payroll reports or a complete set of reports through email immediately following payroll processing. Reports are password protected and sent to you in a PDF format so you will easily be able to open them for quick review and printing. You can even have reports sent to your CPA. Another option is to view your payroll reports and payroll tax reports via the web through INTEGRA’s Online Document Center. Online Document Center gives you secure access to your payroll reports and tax returns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Payroll reports and returns can be viewed on screen, printed to your local printer and saved to your computer. Each report and return is formatted as a PDF file.

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Yes. To enable this capability, all employees must be on direct deposit. Employees can receive their earnings statements one of two ways using the “paperless payroll” method. An employee earnings statement or pay voucher can either be sent through PrimeXports via email or can be viewed via the web using our Online Pay Statements capability. If you choose to receive your employee’s earnings statements via email, you would need to print them for distribution to employees on pay day. If you choose INTEGRA’s Online Pay Statements capability, your employees will receive an email notification on pay day that their statement is available for viewing. You and your employees would have access to these earnings statements via the web – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Besides payroll, what other services do you offer?

We offer a suite of business services that are related to payroll and in many cases run through our payroll system.

These services include

  • Pre-Tax Health Accounts (i.e. flexible plans)
  • Retirement Services (i.e. 401(k) plans)
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • COBRA Administration
  • HR Management Services
  • Time & Attendance
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • HR & Benefits Library
  • POS/Systems Integration
  • Unemployment Cost Control

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact INTEGRA today.

Getting Started with INTEGRA

How long will it take to set-up my account and run my first payroll?

Once you establish a ‘first check date’ we will work with you to ensure we have all the necessary information to run your first payroll. As a general rule we require five business days to handle the set-up process and insure 100% accuracy with your first payroll.

Can INTEGRA help me get the most up-to-date information from my current payroll provider to assist in the enrollment process?

All payroll companies have very strict policies when it comes to security and confidentiality. The only people that have access to your payroll data are those you have specifically listed on your account. You are encouraged to contact your current provider as soon as possible and request the latest year-to-date reports that includes payroll information up to your very last payroll.

What enrollment paperwork requires signatures?

To enable INTEGRA to effectively process your payroll and legally remit and file your payroll taxes, we require that you complete, sign/initial and fax back our INTEGRA Client Services Agreement consisting of the following documents:

  • Master Payroll Services Agreement
  • Tax Service Agreement
  • Electronic Payment of Service Fees
  • Direct Deposit of Employees Payrolls
  • Check Signing Service Agreement
  • Power of Attorney Forms (Required for Tax Services)

These documents give INTEGRA the proper authority to process your complete payroll, remit payroll taxes and file returns on your behalf.

Additional Information About the Payroll Process

Who will I work with at INTEGRA?

We assign a professional and courteous account manager to your account. They will get to know you and the intricate details of your business. Your account manager will become an extension of your staff and is available to assist you with any payroll questions.

What options do I have to submit my payroll information?

Our typical payroll process is fairly simple:

Payroll Specialist Method

  1. Client prepares current payroll information
  2. Client submits payroll information to assigned payroll specialist
  3. Payroll specialist validates payroll information and executes processing
  4. Complete payroll is processed; payroll checks and reports are produced and packaged
  5. Payroll package is sent to Client ready for management and distribution

Web Access or PC Software Method

  1. Client prepares current payroll information
  2. Client enters payroll information into payroll system accessed via the web or software*
  3. Client validates payroll information and executes processing via the web or software*
  4. Complete payroll is processed; payroll checks and reports are produced and packaged
  5. Payroll package is sent to Client ready for management and distribution

* Assigned payroll specialist is always available for assistance by phone.

If you choose our web-based or PC-based method for payroll entry, an assigned payroll specialist will work directly with you for the first three payrolls via the phone. This is a proven start-up method that enables 100% accuracy of all payrolls from the start – a best practice. It also enables the most effective education on how to use our web-based or PC-based payroll processing methods.

How can I be sure all of the information I submit is properly entered into the payroll system?

We offer a variety of payroll entry options to enable you to choose the best method for your needs. You can submit your payroll via phone, fax, email or through our web-based or PC-based programs. Regardless of the method you choose, your payroll specialist will help to ensure that any questions you have are answered before your payroll is submitted and processed.

What if there is a mistake in my payroll?

The INTEGRA process incorporates an extensive set of checks and balances to ensure all payroll data is correct to enable a 100% accurate payroll. The first payroll we run together is the most critical. We will spend extra time on your first payroll to ensure we have everything exactly correct in our system. We ask that you carefully review your first payroll to validate accuracy. We pride ourselves on a FAST response if any adjustments are necessary.

If for any reason there is an error in your payroll, you would immediately contact your payroll specialist. Our client support model enables immediate personalized service. Our payroll specialists are knowledgeable and ready to resolve any errors in your payroll as quickly as possible. In most cases, a simple phone call to your specialist is all that is necessary.

How do you handle my payroll tax payments and filing requirements?

Each time a payroll is run for your business, a ‘payroll journal’ is created. The last page of the payroll journal provides complete detail of the amount of all applicable tax liabilities. INTEGRA’s Tax Service, our payroll tax department, will electronically debit your account for the necessary tax funds on the due date.

In addition to making tax deposits, INTEGRA’s Tax Service also prepares and files all quarterly and annual payroll tax returns on your behalf for which funds have been drafted. Copies of such payroll tax returns are furnished to clients during the month following the end of the quarter.

What if I have employees to add or remove from my payroll?

Your payroll specialist will guide you through the process to add a new employee or remove an existing employee from your payroll. We will need the following information to add an employee; W-4 information (name, address, social security number, marital status, number of exemptions), date of birth, gender, department number, and rate of pay and any special deductions or taxes that apply. We will also assist in the new hire reporting process by providing a New Hire Report with any payroll that includes a new employee. This report will be included with the payroll package so a payroll contact can validate the information, sign the report, and fax it to the appropriate State Department of Labor.

What if I need to write a payroll check?

Occasions may arise from time to time when you need to write payroll checks in your office. Or, you may decide not to use a payroll check we have prepared. Please let us know about all manually written or voided payroll checks so that we can update your records at the time of your next payroll. The checks you write (manuals) or those you don’t use (voids) will appear as separate MANUAL/VOID TOTALS that will be included with your next payroll. Please report manuals and voids to us in the quarter in which they happened.

How does direct deposit work?

Direct deposit is a secure, reliable and convenient way to pay your employees. Funds are automatically deposited into your employee’s bank account on pay day. With each payroll, your employees will receive a complete record of their pay and individual deductions on their earnings statements. No longer will your employees have to wait in line at the bank or worry about picking up their check when they are away from the office or on vacation. Direct deposit can save your company time and money and increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

What is your billing process?

We will bill you for services once your payroll is provided. Invoices are included with each payroll. Clients that use our Automatic (ACH) Debit payment service will have the amount of your payroll invoice automatically deducted from your checking account after each payroll. Auto debit is an easy, secure and reliable way to pay your INTEGRA invoice each month.