HR & Workforce Support Services

Coordinated HR Services with Payroll Just Makes Sense

As long as it is affordable, doesn’t it make sense to coordinate your HR and Workforce services with your Payroll? These include methods to uncover hidden tax liabilities, improve cash flow, and how to hire and retain quality employees. INTEGRA works directly with small and medium-sized businesses to increase efficiency and simplify many of the daily burdensome tasks associated with these functions.

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Time & Attendance Systems – Increase Workplace Efficiency

  • Progressive ways to track employee hours & productivity?
  • A plan to maintain a superior staff?
  • Ways to prevent time fraud within your business?

HR & Benefits Library – Stay up-to-date on benefit regulations

  • Automation of your Human Resources processes?
  • Support with employee conduct issues?
  • Streamlining of employee benefits & management?

Pre-Employment Screening – Lower Your Employee Turnover Rate

  • Ways to eliminate the risks of fraud and violence at your organization?
  • Options to safely and legally screen potential employees?
  • Opportunities to reform your hiring process?

HR Management Services – Improve the Efficiency of Your HR Process

  • Tools to manage appraisals and benefits programs?
  • Online channels to administer HR tasks?
  • Programs to stay in line with the latest government regulations?

Unemployment Cost Control

  • Means of managing unemployment compensation
  • Auditing services ensure your UI tax rate is correct, and that it is the lowest rate possible
  • Better claims administration so claims are handled faster, avoiding costly penalties
  • Enables you to protest claims more productively, reducing the amount of benefits charges you pay and increasing the chances of winning protested claims

Labor Law Poster & Compliance Program – Learn What Labor Law Posters are Required in the Workplace

  • If you have employees, you are required by law to display up-to-date Federal, state and OSHA labor law posters at your business. Workplace posters should be displayed in a prominent location that is accessible by every employee… such as a break room, lunch area or near a time clock system.