Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

INTEGRA offers complete tax preparation services for your small business. Our highly qualified tax professionals prepare and file your State and Federal returns. Our tax professionals work with you to ensure that you and your business get each and every deduction you deserve.


  • Preparation of Federal and State business income tax returns, including Corporate, Partnership, and Sole Proprietorship returns, for all types of businesses.
  • Preparation of personal tax returns for business owners.
  • Access to all necessary tax forms and schedules.
  • All your business tax questions answered throughout the year.


  • Experience – Our tax professionals are highly qualified professionals who include IRS Enrolled Agents, and other certified tax professionals.
  • Personal Service – You work and communicate live and directly with one of our representatives.
  • Savings – Our tax preparation fees will typically save you 40% or more, when compared to your local CPA.
  • Responsiveness – We ensure that each and every tax return is completed and filed on a timely basis.
  • Guaranteed – We guarantee the accuracy of the tax returns we prepare.

How our Tax Preparation Program Works

  • Income Tax Returns – If we have performed bookkeeping services for your business throughout the year, we will simply prepare your tax return based on the financial data that we already have prepared for you. If you are new to INTEGRA, you can simply provide us with your existing financial reports, which we will review for accuracy before preparing your tax return, or you can provide us with all source documents with which we can perform “catch-up” bookkeeping, after preparing your business tax return.
  • Sales Tax – If you are a Monthly Accounting client, all associated Sales tax filing are included.
  • Payroll and related Returns – If you are a Payroll Services client, all payroll related filings are included. This includes federal and state income tax witholding returns, as well as unemployment reports.